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The knight Bořek sets off on the trail of his missing son. Little Jan has run away from home, rushing after a dream, an illusion about the holy mission of children. His aging father searches for him in every possible way, trying to catch up with his son, but he arrives everywhere too late. Gradually his image of the boy becomes more blurred; Bořek’s state of mind starts to crumble and the landscape through which he travels ever onwards increasingly resembles his mental landscape. In the end he is unable to distinguish between reality and a theatrical representation of the myth.

Director: Václav Kadrnka
Screenwriter: Jiří Soukup, Vojtěch Mašek, Václav Kadrnka
Director of Photography: Jan Baset Střítežský
Space Designer: Dan Pitín

Set Designer: Luca Servino
Editor: Pavel Kolaja
Sound designer: Jan Čeněk
Producer: Václav Kadrnka
Koproducenti: Artileria, Česká televize, Tempesta,
Innogy, Barrandov studio, io post

Podpořeno: Eurimages, New Cinema Network,
Státní fond kinematografie, Audiovizuálny fond, Regione Puglia,
Apulia Film Commission, Sardegna Film Commission,
Comune di Cagliari, Cagliari Film Commission

Featuring: Karel Roden, Aleš Bílík, Matouš John…
Type of film: Feature, Drama
Running time: 90 minutes
Format: DCP
Screening ratio: 4.3


International Film Festival Karlovy Vary,
Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary),  29.6.- 7.7.2017 ,
International Competition, Crystal Globe for best film 2017

Summer Film School, Česká republika (Uherské Hradiště), 28.7.- 6.8.2017
International Adana Film Festival, Turkey (Adana) 25.9.-1.10.2017, International Competition
BFI London Film Festival, Great Britain(London), 4.-15.10.2017,
Section Dare
Busan International Film Festival, South Korea (Busan), 12.-21.10.2017, Flash Forward
Braunschweig International Film Festival, Deutschland (Braunschweig) 17.-22. říjen 2017, International Competition
Rome Film Festival, Italy (Rome), 26.10. – 5.11.2017
Festival De Sevilla, Spain, (Sevilla) 3. -11.11.2017, International Competition
Minsk International Film Festival „Listapad“, Belarus (Minsk),
3.-10.11.2017, International Competition
Scanorama, Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda), 9.-26.11.2017,
Section Crossing Europe

Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt, (Cairo), 21.-30.11.2017,
Festival of Festivals

Crystal Globe
Little Crusader to compete for Crystal Globe on behalf of Czech Republic
SEFF’17 Sección Oficial
LITTLE CRUSADER, el bordado evanescente




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